Because we take such care to ensure our hens have the best welfare on our own farm,

we source eggs from only the best farmers in Ireland whose flocks of hens lay the finest eggs.

The majority of our eggs are laid on our own farm.

This is the original farm where the O’Reillys first began their chicken farm to keep up with the growing demand from our customers on the van-run.

Since the 1950’s the farm has grown with our customers to ensure continuity of supply.

Today 100,000 hens lay an egg every morning. Our dedicated Farm Managers ensure that our hens are carefully managed and every effort is made to ensure their welfare.

After all, only happy hens lay the best eggs.

The rest of our Farmers are situated all around Ireland.

These farms are independent businesses and each are run by farming families who have the same commitment to tending to their hens’ welfare and ensuring that they producing the finest eggs as we do.