Annalitten Foods Ltd are now proud members of Origin Green Ireland and over 90% of Irish food and drink exports come from verified members.

As members of Origin Green, at Annalitten Foods we are committed to providing a sustainable food production programme.

Our Environmental aims are:

  • To reduce waste production on site and on all of our farms.

  • To reduce energy wastage by using LED bulbs, solar panels and turning off any machines that are not being used.

  • Promote animal welfare, happy hens lay healthy eggs.

So far we have achieved the following and we are working to achieve all of our targets in the near future:

  • Several new recycling bins have been installed in convenient places inside and outside our factory.

  • Whitethorn shrubs planted along our farm and factory.

  • Sustainability programs for each producer farm.

  • Health and well being assessments for all employees.