Our history

In the 1950’s in rural county Monaghan, Patrick & Margaret O’Reilly began a small egg collection & delivery business to support their young family.

Patrick would travel the countryside collecting baskets of eggs from local farming families. Each egg would then be individually inspected for quality and graded by size on a small weighing scales.

Each week, when enough eggs had been collected, Patrick would load up his little van and make the long journey to Dublin to sell his eggs from door to door, stopping along the way to let his tyres cool down!

The family business prospered and soon Patrick had a lucrative van-run that included Grocery, Fruit & Veg, and Butcher Shops.

Since our origins, Annalitten Farm Eggs has evolved to become one of Ireland’s leading egg Producers and Packers.

The O’Reilly family have never been afraid to invest in the latest production systems and egg grading equipment to ensure that our eggs reach our valued customers with maximum freshness and quality